faithgame is a denomination of flickgame

by first knowing flickgame, you may come to better understand our ways

faithgames should not be created without first acknowledging the faithgame canon

contemplate existing faithgames

performing the faithgame ritual

do not attempt the faithgame ritual unprepared

the faithgame ritual shall take place in 20 minutes of isolation and silence

the faithgame ritual shall always result in a completed faithgame

faithgames shall consist of 10 frames, drawn with 4 colours

each frame shall be drawn in 2 minutes and in accordance with its unique rules

each colour may act as a link to one of the other frames

frames shall be switched between via the menu to the left of the canvas

faithgames shall only be released anonymously

100 steps must be taken before repeating the faithgame ritual

begin the faithgame ritual

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